History Of Bank Of America

The Bank Of America can trace its roots back to 1904 when the Bank Of Italy was founded in San Fransisco byAmadeo Pietro Giannini to help immigrants from Italy who had been excluded by American banks. This proved to be a very successful venture and in 1928 it merged with the Bank Of America Los Angeles. The bank changed its name to the Bank Of America in 1930. The bank expanded within California right up until the 1980s when federal laws changed and allowed banks to operate in other states. Since then it has expanded right across America and is today considered one of the Big Four banks in the United States. It serves 50 million customers and has over 5000 banking centers and more than 18000 ATMs located in virtually every major town and city in the country.


90% of the revenue that the Bank of America makes is from business that it does in the United States. This is part of the strategy it has to become the premier bank in the domestic market. It has three key divisions in the domestic market: consumer banking, corporate banking and wealth management. Consumer banking is its largest division, and this also includes providing banking for small businesses. Investment management is available to both individuals and institutions and the aim of the Bank Of America is to become one of the top five investment banks in the world. The headquarters of its investment banking division is the Bank Of America tower in New York City and the majority of staff that are employed in New York work from these offices. It’s operations outside of the US are mainly based in China and Latin America.

Online Banking At Bank Of America

Online banking is a very convenient way to manage money that is held in your accounts with Bank Of America. You will have access to your accounts at any time of the day and so you will be able to deal with your banking at a time that suits you. You can transfer money between accounts, pay bills and even transfer money to an account at another bank. You will also be given access to mobile banking so that you can log into your account wherever you are. There are also a number of tools on the website that will allow you to set budgets and track your spending. This gives you even greater control over your money and is a completely free service to use. Signing up for paperless statements means that these will be available for you to view on your account and you will be notified when these are ready. Online banking can be used by both consumer and corporate banking customers.

Bank Of America Online Banking Login

Once you have gotten on to the Bank Of America website you will be able to log in to your internet banking. The website is very secure and you can be sure that all of your personal details will be kept safe and confidential. You will need to enter your online ID and passcode in order to be able to sign in. If you have forgotten your passcode then it can be reset from the website but you will have to enter details about yourself and your bank account. This is a security measure that helps to keep your accounts safe from people who may try to access your accounts. If you have not yet got an online ID but want to sign up for online banking, then this can also be done from the website. More information about how to login to online banking you can find at ccbank.us

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