You’re disabled and need disability benefits to replace your previous paychecks. Unfortunately, many people feel like obtaining their benefits is a fulltime job because you have to:


1. Complete an application for disability benefits and Adult Disability Report
2. Be interviewed
3. Meet the Social Security’s definition of disability
4. Wait at least three months for a decision

However, there are some things you can do to speed up the process of getting your benefits:

What You Can Do to Speed up the Process of Getting Your Disability?
The Social Security Administration, or SSA, recommends cutting your interview time in half by initiating the process online. You can complete your application for benefits and disability report on their website.

Bring needed documents to your appointment. The SSA will provide you with a checklist of needed documents.

Your Doctor has Proof You’re Disabled, Can That Speed up the Process?
No. Unfortunately, SSA has a strict disability definition. It’s a two-part definition. You must be unable to do any type of substantial work due to your current medical condition. Also, your medical condition must have lasted, or is expected to last, about one year. It can also the expected cause of your death. Anyone who does have an disability that fits into the categories won’t be considered eligible for disability benefits.

How Does the SSA Determine If I am Eligible for Disability?

• The SSA sends your application to a state agency. That state agency makes decisions about disability. It is responsible for reviewing all information regarding your application.
• The state agency may send you forms to fill out or ask you to undergo a medical test or examination
• The SSA will determine what type of disability program you’ll receive benefits under

Will be Automatically Granted Social Security Benefits?
No. In many cases, people do everything right and are still denied disability benefits. Sometimes it could be a problem with SSA determining your eligibility under the disability definition. In other situations, it could be lack of proper paperwork.

What Can I Do If I Want Help Getting My Disability Benefits?
Legal representation is the strongest help you can get when applying for disability benefits. A lawyer who specializes in getting clients disability benefits is a real advocate in your corner. Obtaining deserved disability benefits is like working a fulltime job because it takes time for the SSA to determine who is disabled and who is not. A lawyer may be able to cut through a lot of the red tape and will fight for those who are wrongfully denied benefits. Myler Disability is a law firm that will help you obtain the disability benefits you need and deserve.