VA loans are beneficial to those that qualify; making serving the country worthwhile. Nowadays most Americans find it hard to put a sizeable down payment towards purchasing their home. However, with a VA loan, it’s not necessary or required to do so. Veterans benefit from not having to pay the closing costs that are associated with buying a new home; saving them a lot of money. Therefore, the process is much easier to qualify for a VA loan compared to a customary loan. The income and qualifications are not as strict; allowing the loan to go through much faster.


With the rates being down it is an ideal time to buy a home. The VA programs that are available change all the time making it more accessible for a VA loan. How do you know if you qualify? They look at many different aspects to see if you’re eligible. If you’re still on active duty in the military or just recently ended your active duty, then it’s a good possibility that you qualify.

What should I expect when applying for a VA loan?

When applying for a VA loan; you will be required to bring documents along with you to help determine your eligibility. A few of these documents are listed below:
Social Security number
Proof of your gross income
Employment history
History of where you just have lived for the past two years

Once your eligibility has been determined; the home you plan to purchase will be inspected. The inspection will determine if there are any damages to be repaired. They will check the plumbing, electrical boxes along with the wiring, water damages, leaks in the roof, check the basement flooding, cracks, and leaks. They will determine any damages throughout the home as well as the land to be sure that it is in livable conditions for you. Once the home is deemed safe; the loan request will go through a process from beginning to end with Flagship Financial.

They will send someone out to do an appraisal to determine if the home is worth the asking price. If the home is worth it; you will receive a closing date. On the closing date you will sign all of your paperwork for the loan and receive your key to your new home. If you feel you are eligible, apply today and in no time you will be relaxing in your new home.