How Health Insurance Can Help Your College Student

magine room after 14 x 10 foot room, bunk beds, overflowing laundry baskets, dirty dishes, poor ventilation.??

This is??college, a veritable breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and viruses, from the common cold to spinal meningitis—not to mention that young adults ages 19 to 29 are more likely than any other age group to sustain injuries requiring emergency care. So as you pack up those hot plates and futons, don’t forget the health insurance!

How Health Insurance Can Help Your College Student
How Health Insurance Can Help Your College Student

A student health plan will not always suffice. Typically, college insurance programs entirely subsidize trips to the health center. However, they usually charge up to 70 percent more, plus a deductible for additional medical care or testing, such as lab work, X-rays and prescriptions.

Also, an emergency room visit could wreak havoc on your child’s finances, because many student health plans only cover care received at the student health center and require a referral to the ER, when needed.??

Student health plans were intended to supplement another insurance policy, typically the parent’s. So having student health insurance alone could leave your child vulnerable.

When your son or daughter is home during summer and winter breaks, he or she may not have coverage, depending on his or her school’s plan. And student health care is usually only offered to full-time students (a person enrolled in 12 semester or quarter hours per term); so if he or she drops a class and??goes part time, coverage will cease.

Some parents forego all the complications student health plans can create and keep their children on their health insurance plan, a viable option. However, if your plan is an HMO, and your son or daughter attends school in another city or state, chances are he or she will need a referral to see a physician while at school.

You soon-to-be empty nesters have options, including applying for a plan with fewer restrictions. Here are just a few of your options:

Or, you may choose to get a low cost individual health plan for your son or daughter. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s better than having an illness or injury financially debilitate you or your child. At InsureMe, we can help you find excellent coverage at an affordable price by matching you with agents and health discount plan providers on our network.

Your children are growing up. Even though you can’t see them every day, you can ensure they’re covered with adequate health insurance.

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