Find a Doctor

Looking for a doctor who is in your health insurance plan?

Find a Doctor
Find a Doctor

Most health insurance companies have Web sites to help you to find a primary-care physician or specialist in your area. If there isn’t a Web site, just call your insurer’s customer service department for assistance.

Looking for health insurance?

At InsureMe, we match you with several insurance agents who then provide you with free customized insurance quotes. By shopping around, you can find the plan that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Looking for a health insurance plan that allows for greater freedom to chose a doctor?

As far as managed care plans go (the most common type of health insurance), the flexibility of your plan depends on whether you’ve chosen an HMO, PPO or PSO. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (the most flexible): The main concept behind a PPO is the network. If you utilize this type of health insurance, you may choose any health care provider from within your network, determined by your policy, or any non-network health care provider. You usually are required to make a co-payment or pay co-insurance. Staying in-network saves you a bundle with PPO!
  • Health Maintenance Organization (the least flexible): Like the PPO, the HMO requires you to make a co-payment to an in-network physician. However, the HMO will not pay for services you receive outside the network. In order to obtain specialty care, you must attain a referral to a specialist from your primary-care physician.
  • Point of Service (a hybrid): This health insurance plan is similar to the HMO. However, when you need care, you can go out of network. But the POS will reimburse you only 50 to 80 percent and you also may be required to pay co-insurance and a deductible.

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