How can I find out what types of cars normally have higher insurance rates?

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How can I find out what types of cars normally have higher insurance rates?

Since the car you drive helps determine your insurance premiums, this is an excellent question–and one you should consider asking a licensed insurance agent. This is their area of expertise, and an insurance professional can help you understand, from an insurer’s point of view, which cars have higher or lower rates and why.

In general, the more expensive the car, the more it costs to insure it. This is because any claims you file on an expensive vehicle will cost your insurer more than average, and it has to pass on that expense to its customers. In addition, more expensive cars are also more likely to be stolen, so your insurer also takes on higher-than-average risk insuring them for this reason.

Sportier cars, or those that attract a lot of young people, also tend to cost more than average to insure. Young drivers tend to drive faster and take more risks than the average person, so buying a car that attracts that type of person will also cost you more than average.

For more information on what drives auto insurance rates, see this article by Bankrate also provides a list of the most expensive cars to insure.



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