How do I insure myself to drive any vehicle?

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To be covered under the insurance policy for any vehicle, you must either be named on the policy for that car or be borrowing an insured car with the owner’s permission.

How do I insure myself to drive any vehicle?
How do I insure myself to drive any vehicle?

One common misperception is that, when you purchase auto insurance, that policy follows you wherever you go and whatever you drive. That’s simply not true. Instead, car insurance insures the specific car or cars named on an insurance policy, and follows the car not the person. The drivers who are covered under that policy (if they have an accident or mishap) are the ones who live in the household that owns the vehicle and are named on the policy that was purchased.

Alternately, if you don’t own a vehicle and borrow someone else’s, you’re covered while driving that car—as long as you have the owner’s permission to borrow it.

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