Plan Carefully Before Setting out on Vacation

When it comes to vacation travel, there are a number of things to take into account from an auto insurance perspective.

Safety is one of the most important considerations for families that are planning long road trips. This means that basic maintenance checks should be performed before setting out, particularly in areas like the tires. This is because worn-out tires can dramatically increase one’s chances of being involved in an accident or suffering a blowout at an inopportune time.

Plan carefully setting out vacation

Drivers can further reduce their chances of being in an accident by being realistic about their capabilities. This means pulling over from time to time to take a rest, and stopping at night to sleep as opposed to trying to make time by driving through the night.

When driving with small children, parents can reduce their in-car distractions by packing snacks, games and other things, and keeping them in an easily accessible place.

With all this in mind, there are other things to remember when it comes to avoiding any unwanted car insurance claims. For example, parking in an unfamiliar place or city could potentially expose one’s vehicle to a greater chance of theft, or of being broken into.

This means that drivers should be sure to activate any vehicle security system they have when parking in a strange city—and simply owning one in the first place can also result in an auto insurance discount in some cases. Vehicle theft is typically covered by the comprehensive part of one’s auto insurance policy.

It’s also important to remember that people on a road trip may end up having more valuables and personal documents kept in their car. Such items should be kept out of sight, or even better, brought inside when staying at a hotel or elsewhere. Stolen valuables will typically be covered under one’s home insurance policy, and those who fall victim to this crime are generally advised to promptly file a police report.

However, thieves may also inflict varying amounts of damage on a vehicle as they try to break into it. In fact, hot summer weather may actually work in thieves’ favor when it comes to vehicle break-ins. A recent article in the Salem News quoted the chief of police of Boxford, Massachusetts as warning that thieves can feel emboldened to strike vehicles in hot weather because many nearby homes are likely to have running air conditioners that help drown out the sounds of a break-in.

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