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Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, and the drop in the pound has left many companies and individuals reeling. It is not just the financial services companies that are in trouble; individuals are searching for ways of reducing their monthly outgoings. One of the areas where it’s still possible to make savings is on car insurance premiums. There are a number of ways of reducing those premiums, and this article looks at five of them.

Shop Around

One of the reasons many people seem to pay higher premiums year on year, is the feeling that they at least know who they are dealing with at present! Many people will not bother shopping around for a better deal on their car insurance, which means they could be missing out on some good deals.

According to many financial experts, there are plenty of good deals around. You should make sure that any new deal you take on gives you the same type of cover that you have now, but at a cheaper price. Shopping around could save a great deal of money on your annual premiums. If you want to stay with your current insurers, then it is worth looking at how you might be penalised without knowing it.

Your Garage

If you already have a garage, that’s great, and it will save some money on your insurance premiums. If you want to reduce your monthly outgoings even further, then having a good security lock and alarm on your garage will cut your annual premium.
If you live in a property where there is no available garage space, and insufficient room to build one, then try renting. Get several quotes for garage rental, as the cost needs to be lower than your monthly premiums might be without that secure vehicle storage!

Watch Your No Claims Bonus

Careful driving and secure vehicle storage could add value to your no claims bonus. It’s not always possible to avoid an accident if it’s the fault of another driver, but doing your best to avoid one could mean saving money each year.

Take Care When Purchasing a New Car

Of course, the make and engine size of a particular vehicle can raise or lower your monthly car insurance payments. If you have a family, you might like the idea of purchasing a top of the range SUV, but it will certainly cost more on your insurance. You should always check vehicle size and safety features if you’re purchasing a new car. Get the right vehicle and it could cut your premiums; get the wrong one and you could face higher insurance costs.

Your Credit Rating

Finally, you may not realise that your credit rating can affect the cost of your car insurance premiums. It is always a good idea to check out your credit rating with a company like Experian. Credit rating agencies do sometimes make mistakes, and creditors sometimes don’t notify them once a debt is paid off. If there are errors on your report, then getting them revised could cut the cost of your car insurance.

If you have a car in India, you have to renew insurance online every year. There is no respite, however,  one good bit about car insurance in India is the premium is not fixed and you can maneuver your policy every year to reduce the premium on renewal. Now that internet has taken the charge of everything, most car-owners in India are going for car insurance renewal online. If you happen to be one of them, here are some proven ways to ensure that you will get a much better deal at a much-reduced rate.


Compare Car Insurance Online


Instead of just settling with the quote offered by your existing car insurer, you should remain open to other offerings and compare all available rates for online renewal of your car insurance policy. Unless you look for other deals you will never know what’s in store for you. With the advent of insurance comparison portals, now the task of comparing car insurance quotes has become a breeze.

Focus Only On Vital Features


While comparing various auto insurance deals, you would come across policies with fancy features that you hardly need. So, you should be well aware of what you need in your car insurance policy renewal online and search for plans accordingly. High-end plans with irrelevant features will increase the premium so you should steer clear of such policies and concentrate on availing the one that meets your needs precisely.


Accumulate NO Claim Bonus


You should look to accumulate NCB every year so that you can avail discount on premium on your online car insurance renewal. To gather and increase NCB you need to refrain from making claims. After 5 years you can get as much as 50% discount if you don’t make any claim. This will help minimize the premium substantially at the time of renewing your car insurance.


Opt For Higher Voluntary Deductible


On your car insurance renewal in India you can go for higher deductibles to lessen the premium. The higher is your chosen deductible amount the less will be your car insurance premium. Since you have to pay this amount when you make a claim the amount you choose should be within your limit.


An Early Renewal Will Help You Save


Many car insurance companies in India strategically increase the premium for car insurance renewal right before the stipulated date. Policyholders come across increased premiums all of a sudden but since they don’t want to have their policies lapsed they pay whatever the price quoted to them. This is a marketing ploy by car insurance companies in India and you can get round this trick by renewing your car cover well in advance.

You can renew car insurance plan at least 45 days prior to the expiry of the current policy. And even if you are done with the car insurance renewal online early it will come into effect only when the validity of existing cover ceases. Hence, an early renewal of motor insurance will not take any value away from your present cover.


Avail Various Discounts


If you install various anti-theft devices in your vehicle during your policy year your insurer will appreciate that as you lessen the risk of your vehicle getting stolen. In return, you will get to pay for a reduced premium as a reward on your car policy renewal. However, the devices have to be approved by a recognized institution in India.


Car insurance premium on renewal can be minimized even more for people who are members of recognized automobile associations. If you are a member of any such association you are also entitled to get discount on premium at the time of your car insurance renewal online.


All these ways will help you get the lowest premium on your car insurance renewal online. Comparison is the key so you should compare car insurance online to find out best deals on offer.



Getting a smart insurance plan today is critical to individuals as well as small businesses that want to breakthrough in the competitive market. Small businesses tend to struggle in establishing themselves in the marketplace with the aggressive bigger players that have bigger budgets. However, small businesses need to offer the best of insurance plans to their employees to attract the best workers in the market.

Small Business Employee Benefits(1)

Better Insurance Options

Attractive small business employee benefits such as smarter insurance plan designs help lure better workers to build up the small company into an established player in the industry. Small business owners could seek out insurance companies that offer fair pricing models that generate more employee health benefits for small businesses.

Reliable health benefits companies like Benecaid offer many attractive insurance options that small businesses enjoy at affordable prices even if they are not big insurance giants. Such health benefits insurance plans companies offer a host of attractive insurance benefits that fit the Canadian small to medium sized businesses.

These plans are unlike traditional insurance plans where a lot of unnecessary expenses are incurred for unwanted benefits. Personalized insurance solutions are available to small businesses where the insurance plan is scalable according to business growth.

Even small businesses with only one employee could enjoy specialized small business employee benefits in specially designed insurance plans for small to medium organizations. Benecaid offers innovative insurance solutions that are specially formulated for small business owners to enjoy better control in generating the best of health benefits at affordable costs that ensure a proper bottom line management.

Flexibility with Huge Benefits

We specialize in health benefits for businesses starting at just 1 employee.

Fantastic small business employee benefits exist in well-designed insurance plans where wide coverage and pricing advantages are available. Smarter insurance solutions for small businesses include Benecaid flexStyle solution which small business owners could plan out predictable healthcare that might incur unexpected costs. Small businesses could customize the coverage to suit employees’ needs with a better control on costs without comprising on the required coverage.

The Benecaid flexStyle® insurance solution offers:
• Specific insurance coverage according to preferred requirements
• Paying only what is covered
• Refundable funds that are unused to the sponsor of the plan
• Renewals according to sponsor’s instruction

Besides flexible insurance plans, Benecaid offers strong Health Spending Account benefits for small businesses where preferred healthcare services for the insured employees could be settled for a wide scope of coverage areas such as fertility treatments and laser eye surgery.

The dynamics of such health spending account plan is its “no set plan design” where members are able to choose their preference in spending the funds. Moreover, contributions are deductible on the small company’s taxable income.

Small business employee benefits could also be incorporated with:
• extended health care
• dental care
• travel coverage
• life insurance
• short-term or long-term disability benefits
• accident death
• critical illness benefits

Small businesses with a wider scope of insurance benefits are more likely to enlist more dynamic workers to build the business up to be more competitive in the marketplace more quickly.

It is expected for every member of the society to do things responsibly and avoid putting other’s life at risk. If someone gets hurt, it is most likely caused by someone’s negligence. Personal injury is any harm or injury suffered by individuals due the negligence of another. These injuries, which can be physical or emotional in nature, may be sustained by individuals through defamation of character, car accidents, premise liability, merchandise defect, or medical malpractice. Among the causes of injuries, one of the most common cases is the medical malpractice.


What is Medical Negligence?

Also known as medical malpractice, medical negligence ranks third in the leading causes of death in the US, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). In essence, medical negligence is a result of a deviation of a medical professional or health-care provider from the required standard of care in the treatment of a patient. Meaning to say, there is a flaw in the medical care provided due to a negligent act, which usually results to a personal injury or worse, a wrongful death of the patient.

Medical Malpractice – What Should You Do?

Individual who have suffered injuries due to medical negligence may take legal actions. Under the Personal Injury Law, a medical professional or facility is said to be liable if: an injury or illness is misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, wrong dosage or wrong medication was administered, there were mistakes during birth or surgery, there was a failure to inform of risks in treatment, medical products are defective, and there was a delayed referral to a specialist, among others. If any of these happens, it would be a wise decision to contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Medical Negligence?

A personal injury lawyer is the best person you can rely on to conduct a thorough evaluation of the case, from securing relevant medical records to conducting interviews with patients, family, and other resource individuals. This is for you to be advised with what proper course of action you should take or whether the case is actionable or not. Medical malpractice cases are complex and may take quite some time to conclude. Thus, it is really important that you hire a medical malpractice lawyer to help you through the process.

Claiming Personal Injury Compensation

Compensation of the claimer is the primary reason for filing a medical negligence case. It is a way to ensure that medical practitioners and facilities keep competence and the quality of care at high marks. The injured parties of clinical malpractice usually get compensation not only for the injury sustained, but also for the emotional pain and suffering they are experiencing and of course, the expenses they have incurred.

Finally, with knowing that resolving a medical negligence lawsuit entails a lot of time and can be very complicated, hiring an experienced and reputable St Louis personal injury lawyer specializing in this type of case is a very good decision to take. They will make sure that you get the right treatment and get the right compensation while you take your time recovering from the injury you suffered.

The insurance adjuster is extremely important to your personal injury claim. It is he or she who will decide whether you are ultimately treated fairly in your claim for compensation, or not. That being said, here is an explanation of what an insurance adjuster is, what they do and what you should expect from your first contact with an insurance adjuster.


Insurance Adjusters

To be compensated for your personal injury claim you or your lawyer will need to contact an insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster is someone who is employed or hired by the insurance company (your insurance company or the insurance company of the person at fault) to handle your claim on their behalf.

In the course of handling your claim on behalf of the insurance company, an insurance adjuster will typically perform the following activities:

  • Collect and review medical records
  • Collect medical bills
  • Determine who is at fault and in what percentages
  • Evaluate injuries
  • Decide whether to request that claimants be sent for independent medical examinations
  • Determine how much money, if any, will be offered to settle a claim
  • Communicate with claimants’ lawyers

All of these actions are done within the guidelines set by the insurance company regarding the processing and paying of claims. The insurance adjuster’s overall goal is to save the insurance company money by identifying possible pre-existing conditions, medical anomalies or anything else that can be used to minimize the amount of money the insurance company has to pay out.

For example, if there is an opportunity to dispute liability for the accident, the severity of your injuries, or the actual amount of your medical expense, the adjuster is trained and required to find it and use it to reduce (or deny) your claim against the insurance company.

While this may seem low, underhanded and unfair, the adjuster is simply doing his or her job. And if it will make you feel any better, practically everybody who makes a claim is treated equally fair (or unfair) by the insurance adjuster and/or insurance company.

What to Expect on Your First Contact With An Insurance Adjuster

During the first conversation with the party at fault’s insurance adjuster, he or she will typically ask for information regarding your identity, your address, your employment, your car, the accident, and other information pertaining to your claim.

The adjuster may also ask you to give a recorded statement regarding the accident in which you were injured. He or she will be hoping that he can get you to say something that he can use to weaken your case and save the insurance company money.

However, you have no legal or contractual obligation to answer any of the questions asked of you by the party at fault’s insurance adjuster, and you would be wise to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer before giving any statement regarding the accident or your injuries.

The same goes true for an insurance adjuster from your own insurer, even though you typically have a contractual obligation under your own policy to cooperate with your own insurance company, which includes giving them a recorded interview.

You should understand that although technically your own insurance company should be on your side, that might not exactly be the case. It is not uncommon, for a claimant to have to fight his own insurance company for coverage that they have paid for and are entitled to receive. In other words, your own insurance company can even become your adversary for purposes of the claim.

So, even when speaking with an adjuster from your own insurance company, you might want to insist on having your lawyer present. What’s more, once you tell the adjuster that you are represented by a specialist compensation lawyer, they will typically not contact you any further but instead, contact your lawyer directly.

If you have contact with the adjuster before you have hired a lawyer, you should probably tell the adjuster that you wish to contact an lawyer for advice before you give an interview and answer any questions other than about your name and contact info. If the adjuster has a problem with this, it is all the more reason to contact a lawyer before giving the interview or answering any detailed questions about the accident or your injuries.

Gone are the days of running around endlessly between insurance offices, snatching leaflets and poring over them to know in detail the offers by each of them. Now there are several websites streaming across the Internet, to provide you access to the main website of these companies, just sitting anywhere. Even computers are now mobile thanks to laptops, touchpad notebooks, and big-screened smart phones. One Internet connection and you are good to go.

Not just for buying, these portals can take you to the webpage for renewal. These portals are quite trustworthy. They will do a thorough checking on the background of the insurance providers with which they collaborate. Hence, you need not fret about the credibility. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance renewal is available on online portals so that you can have your access. In return, the portals would want to know some of your personal details, of course, to make sure that you are human and authentic. Rest of the process is supremely easy.

They provide you the opportunity to compare the facilities offered in the policies and quite obviously, Bajaj Allianz with its catchy setup is bound to win your trust. The same place provides you all that is necessary.

You also get discounts if you renew from the same company. Just as much is easy the purchase, so is the renewal. For memberships to automobile associations, you get discounts on the premium during renewal.

All sorts of Frequently Asked Questions, key benefits in points are given in details. Any inquiry in your mind will be taken care of. Bajaj Allianz Helpline will be happy to help you from their helpline. Options for chatting are also open now. The constant to-and-fro of messages is bound to instil confidence inside you.

The plans are detailed out in a tabular form, point-wise for your convenience, which makes it easier to compare plans. Points like the premium cost for each plan, expanse of coverage, personal damage premium, etc.

All around the portal there will be new updates on Bajaj Allianz as and when they come up.

In these portals, you can also set reminders for your next renewal date so that you will not default in paying the money. One should be careful about the fact that though there are break-in insurance facilities, usually expired insurance policies poses a lot of trouble.

It is better to remember it all and keep the papers ready at hand when the time approaches. The portals also have car insurance premium calculator so that you do not have to boggle your head trying to get the correct amount putting all the discounts to the calculation.

The steps to car insurance renewal of Bajaj Allianz are quite simple and have been around for a long time. Bajaj Allianz has earned the trust for decades in ensuring the safety of your most valuable possession – the car. Whether private or commercial, it is by far one of the best options to look up to. Switching over from previous insurance plans is quite easy too.

Get your car insured now and you will not regret it.


If you’re in the market for a health insurance plan for yourself or your family, it can be a daunting process. It seems as though the types of plans and coverage options are limitless, and it’s tough to be sure that you understand all aspects that you need to understand to make the right choice for your specific circumstances. Before you make a choice, keep a few tips in mind to guide the process and make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. Examine the Coverage

Each plan will have different types of health insurance coverage and benefits available. It’s important to keep a close eye on reading the coverage and the fine print, so that you can be certain that you’re getting what you signed up for. There are some basic benefits that you should look into for each plan you’re considering. These benefits include: hospitalization, lab tests, emergency services, prescription drugs, maternity and newborn care, outpatient care, pediatric services, preventative services, and rehabilitation services.

  1. Consider any Upcoming Changes

Are you pregnant or planning to have a child in the near future? If so, you have some very important changes coming up that will affect health insurance. In this case, you’d need to make sure that your plan has good maternity and newborn coverage, and that you’re set up for the thing you’ll need. Other upcoming changes may include the need for substance abuse or mental health treatment, or rehabilitation services.

  1. Look Closely at the Costs

Different insurance plans will have different costs, and these costs will be spread out differently. For example, you can choose an insurance plan with a higher monthly premium, but the out-of-pocket expenses will be lower in case you need emergency services. Conversely, you can choose a plan with a lower monthly premium, but the costs will be higher when you need immediate care for certain reasons.

  1. Speak with an Experienced Agent

If you’re having any doubts or any questions are coming to mind, it’s best to speak with an experienced insurance agent who can tell you all the ins and outs of different specific plans. An agent can also help to determine if you’ll be having any changes in the near future, and how to deal with those changes through your insurance policy. With the help of a qualified agent, you can be sure that you’re selecting the right plan for yourself and your family.

Don’t jump into purchasing health insurance without covering all your bases and making sure the choice is right for you and your family.

There are many major banks which offer pre-approved and instant loans to people who are in dire need of cash. Are you too planning to take out a personal loan in order to make ends meet and bridge the gap between your income and budget? If so, you shouldn’t be led by the increasing numberof advertisements which tell you grandiose things about such loan products, all which are too good to be true. If you make the mistake of believing in such fake promises and attractive offers of the lenders, you might have to repent in the long run. If you’re about to take out personal loans from the market, here are some vital facts to check before taking the big step.

Calculating your EMI (Easy Monthly Instalments)

It’s important to note that unsecured loans carry high interest rates ranging from 11.99% go 30%. Your financial profile and your repayment ability are the two factors which influence the interest rates in a direct way. The banks will offer the amount and the repayment term will be stretched throughout a long period of time. This is why you need to calculate the monthly instalments and you can do so with a loan amortization calculator. So, unless you know the amount which you’re supposed to pay to the lender, you can’t manage your finances accordingly.

Calculating other costs involved with taking out a loan

There are plenty of other costs which are associated with taking out a personal loan like processing fees, prepayment charges, charges for late payment and many other costs. The processing fee is usually within the range of 0.25% to 3.03% of the total loan amount, which is usually charged upfront by the banks. There are some banks which even charge the borrowers with a flat fee. The banks levy some charges and you should take into account all these points.

Documentation and eligibility criteria

These loans require a different eligibility criteria. You have to show continuous employment for the last five years so that the bank knows that you have enough saved in your bank account to repay the loan. You also need to provide your proof of address, identity proof, bank statements, W-2 statements and your salary certificate too. These will be needed while taking out unsecured personal loans.

Checking your credit rating

The most important determining factor by the lender or the bank is your credit score, as this is the parameter for measuring your affordability. If you have a track record of high credit scores, you can not only ensure quick approval but also lowered interest rates. So, before applying for the loan, check your credit score. If you have a poor score, you may want to opt for immediate credit repair.

So, before you get online personal loans or conventional ones from a lender, perform the above mentioned checks so as to make a wise and informed decision.

There are many of us who often wonder about the feasibility of a life insurance plan. These plans are one of the most beneficial of all saving plans. This is because it ensures that one’s family remains protected and looked after even after their death. It is a contract between the individual providing insurance and the person being insured. By virtue of which, if the life being assured passes away, then the family of the person is paid a certain amount of money, decided at the time of signing the insurance policy. The person whose life is assured has to pay a sum of money for certain duration, referred to as premium amount.

The premium payment can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly, depending on the comfort of the customer. It is necessary first of all to choose the plan that one wishes to buy. One can calculate the premium amount using the Life Insurance Premium Calculator. The calculator works in a very simple fashion. The person needs to only answer the questions answered; based on these the results are given. The calculator gives detailed information about the premium that one pays as well as the coverage amount that one can avail. It is important that while filling the information related to one’s needs, the person should answer as accurately as possible, so as to get the most precise prediction of the premium amount.
There are many companies that provide life insurance to the people in India. Nearly all of them are private companies. One of them is SBI Life Insurance. SBI Bank is a public sector bank which in partnership with BNP Paribas Cardiff together provides insurance products to the people. They provide a large variety of these products catering to the different needs of the customer, such as, retirement plans, pension plans, child plans, and much more. SBI Life Smart Performer, SBI Life Smart Scholar, SBI Life Smart Shield, are just some of the products that are offered by them.

Nearly all of these providers have their own active website portals on the web. One can visit the websites of these companies and compare the various insurance products online. Many of these also provide the policies online through an online application interface. Another popular means of comparing and buying Life Insurance products online is by calling the companies on their contact numbers. There are many companies that provide round the clock customer service to the people on phone.

If you are residing in Missouri then get in touch with your agent today to cover your life insurance policy. Life insurance in Missouri can be obtained with benefit on tax deduction but there are certain terms and conditions which your agent can explain you.

It is known fact that, insurance policy is very important in order to protect your family during tongue-tied situations like the one which relates with serious health issues. Keeping your family financially secured is never bad idea. insurance in Missouri can be obtained on term policy basis, whole insurance policy or endowment policy basis.
Family benefit to life insurance policy is such that after occurrence of any uncertain event of your life, they can make use of money in other tasks like educating children, paying debts, repaying loans, etc. Suppose you have already reached to the retirement age where children are settled in their life and there is no such crisis situation where your family would need money then in such case you can get your policy under term coverage benefit. Why not you only make use of saved money in your retirement and lead a lavish life?
Term life insurance policy is such where you policy is limited to certain time period. If required you can extend the period of term policy considering the fact that you would be able to make premium payments, whereas in whole insurance policy beneficiaries can gain benefit of policy after your death. If you are residing in Missouri then it is advisable to get in touch with life insurance agent who can guide you appropriately. In endowment policy, insurance coverage is for period of time just like term insurance policy but here in case of your survival you get the assured sum amount along with profit. Well, your family won’t get any kind of bonus or profit if you do not survive in such kind of endowment policy.

Term life insurance policy and endowment policy are for the people who do not have habit of savings. In Missouri people look for obtaining such policies so that they can save sum of amount which can be used after the policy gets expired. If you are well settled and do not have much botheration related to money then you can opt for whole insurance policy. Being a working person you might not get time to look after your policy premium dates and so you require life insurance agent who can look after your policy. Agents for life insurance in Missouri can aptly guide you related to payment issues and can also impose suggestions in case if there is any kind of change in law and conditions.