Home Insurance Quotes

Home Insurance Quotes

Protect Your Investment with Homeowners Insurance

Home ownership: it’s an American dream. But buying a place of your own or settling the family in new digs requires financial commitment. That means saving for a down payment, getting the right loan, and—perhaps most importantly—finding affordable home insurance.

Whether you’re buying your first home or just moving up to something larger, your home represents a huge investment you can’t afford to ignore.

That’s where we can help. By helping you understand your options, providing you money-saving insurance strategies, and matching you with local insurance agents offering free home insurance quotes, getting insured cheaply is simple, easy—and convenient.

Tips for Getting Insured

When you buy a new home, lenders need insurance information up-front. To make things quick and easy on yourself, let the agents you’re matched with know what you’re looking for and how much you can afford to spend. Then examine several price quotes and choose the policy that fits your budget best.

Once your home is insured, supply the lender your insurer’s name and contact information, coverage levels and deductibles. They’ll add this information to the new contract and escrow insurance as part of your monthly expenses.

No matter how long you live in your house, don’t stick with the same homeowners insurance company year after year just because it’s easier. Though commendable, loyalty may keep you from getting the best deal.

Instead, pull your insurance policy out and take a peek at least once a year. Shop your rates, make coverage changes that reflect changes you’ve made to your home, and discuss discounts with local insurance providers. Then settle on the broadest coverage for the least amount of money.

Maximizing Savings

As you compare coverage, prices and quotes, use these money-saving tips to save 60 percent or more on the protection you need:

  • Set deductibles as high as possible to slash as much as 25 percent from insurance rates.
  • Buy insurance for car and home from the same provider. This could garner you an additional savings of up to 15 percent.
  • Install security or safety devices in your home. This extra protection makes homes more secure and can score you another 20 percent in savings.
  • Eliminate unnecessary coverage. Save a bundle by getting rid of extra, unneeded coverage on items no longer owned or greatly depreciated.
  • Make home improvements. Update electrical or plumbing systems, or add items like deadbolt locks for a sizeable discount.

Insurance rates can vary by thousands from one insurer to the next. So take these basics to heart, shave money off your home insurance policy, and shop for low cost coverage right here and now. You’ll insure your home affordably and be able to enjoy it securely for years to come.

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