How can I get towing insurance?

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How can I get towing insurance?
How can I get towing insurance?

Towing is just one option your auto insurance company can provide at the time you purchase your policy. It enables you to get mechanical help for your vehicle if and when it breaks down on the road, or even at home in your driveway.

Adding the towing option to your car insurance policy is relatively inexpensive, usually adding up to only a few extra dollars a month. However, it can prove invaluable when you really need it.

If you’re satisfied with your present policy and it’s not set to expire soon, ask your car insurance agent if he or she can add towing to your current policy. If you’d like towing protection and you’ll be renewing or shopping your auto insurance rates soon, make a note to request this when that time comes. You’ll be surprised how affordable it can be.



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